A Bumpy Creative Ride

by Melissa Borg
September 8, 2012

My synopsis and query letter are in the last stage of surgery before I send them out. I have been fretting over this for months and neglecting my newest piece. Now that I have the time, I am sapped and don't feel inclined to do the work.

Just writing those words feels like a cop-out, but my other option is to stare at a blinking cursor until I make it sluggishly dance across the page spewing out cliches and uninspired crap. And yet if I do so, I will eventually break my creative speed bump. By getting the words on the page I will then have a baseline to shape, mold, and make better but only when I do the freakin' work and quit bellyaching about it.
Just do the work, Melissa.

Creative juices come to those who work,


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