A Year of Lock Down

by Melissa Borg
April 22, 2021

On March 12, 2020, I was at an off-site meeting when we received an email from the office to go home immediately and that the whole company was going to work virtually. I remember looking across the table at my boss and asking do I go to the office first and then go home. She simply said, "Just go home."

I did. In the preceding 12 months, I have been back to my office less than 3 times. I didn't know how much I would appreciate the ability to work from home.

Our office is in discussions about transitioning back into the work space this summer and I'm torn. Not having to commute or figure out what to wear each morning was liberating. Yet I did miss the quick chats with colleagues about work projects or home life in the hallways or in between meetings.

That one change was the biggest change for me. I rarely went out except to the library or grocery shopping. Since I have a bit of a compromised immune system, my husband took up the shopping. While I couldn't go inside to browse the library stacks, but I could place a hold online and pick it up in their parking lot.

My extended family canceled the big holiday get-togethers and instead we celebrated them with the immediate family.

This last year was quiet and filled with anxiety and worry. I hope that the way forward brings more lightness and hopefulness to our hearts.

What was one good thing that came out of the last year for you?

Virtual hugs,


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