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Melissa Borg loves stories that are heartfelt, humorous, and portray vibrant characters.  She has always been drawn to stories that explore everyday lives and struggles that are bursting with family, friends, and self-growth. She’s an electrical engineer, in degree only. When she couldn’t find a job with her degree, she dyed her hair funky colors, found a job managing multi-million-dollar contracts, & was roped into drawing pictures, as part of her job's "other duties as assigned" clause. Nothing is funnier than an engineer muttering dire things at a computer screen, drawing a horse, promise.

Yet her deep love of witty characters and storytelling led her down the road paved in crazy to be a writer. Her background in acting, directing, and zippy conversations, funneled out her fingers and on the page.

Melissa is a fourth-generation Arizona native and she may or may not be suffering from permanent heat stroke.  She’s surrounded by her family, cats, dog, and the love of her life, Lawrence. Thankfully, he ignores the typing and maniacal laughter from her office and occasionally tempts her way from the keyboard with the lure of food.

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