Book Published Oddity

by Melissa Borg
February 4, 2021

A Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Survival has been out in the world for a little over two months. Yeah! Yet the oddest thing is that other people can read the book whenever they'd like.

Sounds like an inane statement, right? But for the last nine years, the only way people would read the book was if they personally knew me and had asked me to read the manuscript or I had asked for their feedback. Now it's out there for anyone to read.

I'm very lucky that those who have read it are enjoying the story and characters that I spent so much time with over the years. Every review on Amazon helps get my book more visible on the site. There is debate on how many reviews it takes to bump up an author's visibility on Amazon.

Below is the general buzz of how Amazon uses reviews in its algorithm. Though the actual logic is shrouded by the company so it is more of a rule of thumb than gospel for authors.

Yet getting people to discover, let alone leave a review, the book is hard work.

So my days have been filled with learning how to do Amazon and Facebook adverts. I know that I've only skimmed the surface of learning how to advertise and that I need to go slowly as I learn and test out my new knowledge.

Goodreads is my favorite place to leave reviews because I can see what I've read for the past twelve years and my rating of each book.

Do you leave reviews for books? If so, where?

Virtual hugs,

Melissa Borg

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