Bye 2012

by Melissa Borg
December 31, 2012

With today being another New Years' Eve, it's time to step back, survey where I've been as a writer, and take stock of what's next.

It started off rough for me. My first completed manuscript was mostly done and I gave it to a beta reader and it blew up in my face. After many tears and tearing out my hair, I put the review aside and went to my first writer's conference. There, I did a pitch with a massive publishing house and was told that it was a good story; if I changed everything from the main character's motivation to love interest.

Not deterred, I continued editing the manuscript, wrote up a synopsis and query letter, and sent it out to literary agents I meet at the conference. Got two, "We'll only respond if you are interested," and one, "Thank you, no, thank you."

I guess it's official, I've got a rejection slip so I'm a "real" writer.

I also started and finished another entire manuscript. Plus, I wrote another 7,000 words on my newest work-in-progress. I didn't take part in this year's NaNo month but I don't feel too bad about it since I've been constantly in some phase of writing this year.

Throughout all this writing, I also managed to keep up my appetite for books up. I managed to read 123 books. By reading, it helps my words to flow onto the page.

So for 2013, I guess I'll keep on the path. Add to my word count, continue to shop my stories around, and most of all keep on believing that I am a writer.

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