Ear Candy

by Melissa Borg
October 8, 2021

I love ear candy. Okay, not physical things to eat but delicious speech that makes you stop and listen to the language. I savor the moments I can eavesdrop, not to get gossip, but to hear how others put their sentences and phrases together. When I'm around others, my ears perk up if I hear perfectly placed words and I typically feel compelled to let the person know about their fantastic word choice.  

A few examples of phrases that stopped me recently: “A treasure trove of trouble.” and “He’d better be ready to be fitted for a pine overcoat if he comes home drunk again.”

The first one was so fun with its alliteration and juxtaposition of treasure which we think of as good and trouble. The second one, it took me a moment to visualize what a "pine overcoat" would look like and then I busted up laughing because it was clear they were going to be in a casket.

Yes, I know I have an obsession with words and language, but I am entertained easily when listening to others chat. How about you, are there any phrases that you adore and wished more people used?

~The word curious author, Melissa.

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