Face Meet Wall

by Melissa Borg
June 1, 2012

I have been pounded the keys and all I can see is words on the page. Nothing that I am writing feels engaging. Guess it’s time to go back and flesh out the story more. This is a weird place. With my last book, I had these moments where I was only making my daily word count and wasn’t feeling inspired. But this time around, I lived in that space for weeks where I felt like I was swimming in this trash.

Two prong attack:

1. Stop writing (I know there is screaming in my head at the mere thought of it) and fill myself up with words, someone else’s words.

2.  Now that I know more about my characters it’s time to reintroduce myself with them. Maybe if I swim in their thoughts for a while, my words will flow easier about them.

So for now instead of backing up and ramming the wall I think it’s time to step back and build a ramp. Time to catch some air as I wave goodbye to this bloody obstacle.

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