Hello World

by Melissa Borg
November 30, 2019

Jumping back into blogging again. I was fairly steady a few years ago, but the habit and uncertainty of ownership of my posts lead me to stop posting. Now I'm ready to start writing again and sharing my writing journey and thoughts about life.

For me, writing always starts with a small image, question, or what if. For my upcoming book, A Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Survival A Novel, the opening chapter was what sparked my interest and drove me to dig deeper into the characters and write the book.

For my current work-in-progress, it wasn't an image that sparked me, but the question of how do people handle grief and life. The idea came to me in the fall of 2018 when my mother was very sick and had to leave town to get more intensive cutting edge research medicine and the possibility of her not surviving was real.

Not an easy subject to write about, but one that is important to discuss and work through. I'm at the beginning stages of drafting up the story so I'm not totally sure where it will take me, yet I'm ready to start a new story.

To the adventure,


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