New Story Blues

by Melissa Borg
August 13, 2020

Now that I've sent off my book A Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Survival: A Novel off to the editor, I can finally begin plotting a new story. Hooray! Except I feel like I'm running into invisible walls.

My character has a name, a history sketched, main issue to solve, and ideas for a few structural pieces and yet I can't seem to hammer the story into a working order.

Thankfully, I am working with two writers twice a week to keep me moving forward. The Zoom calls are short, which keeps us on-task. Yet it is quite a bit of work to do around my regular paying-the-bills job to make sure I have things to discuss every three or so days.

I know that I want writing to be my full-time work, so I guess this is just the kids rodeo of what I'd need to commit to in the future.

Or so I tell myself. 🙂

Onward to plotting how to take over the world.

Melissa Borg

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