Rocking Gnomes to Sleep

by Melissa Borg
April 19, 2012

Working on a new story and I love the idea but I'm not sure about the execution. Why is it while I am in the middle of the creation process the creeping doubt gnomes start gnawing on my confidence? Those pesky little buggers watch the words flow onto the page and scoff, "Stupid, lame," and many other such ego boosting phrases.

Well, listen here you little toad stools, I am still trudging on and I will get through this scene. It may not be Hemingway but it's mine. Later I will go back with my trusty colored pens and rip it apart. Then and only then are you allowed to help me shape this. Until then shut up and go to sleep.

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6 comments on “Rocking Gnomes to Sleep”

  1. It is after all the job of the gnomes to foster "creeping doubt". Obviously they get an 'A' for recent efforts. Hang in there Baby!

  2. Bewaare the "Procrastination" Gnome, the most dangerous of them all and the first that should be to go. However the little bugger is very tenacious and is often the last. l good luck with that eviction!

    1. Yes, he is a sly little thing that creeps up on you. The pages that are the hardest are the ones where you feel like you have nothing creative to say but you still put words to the page. Only after they are on the page can you ever reach the end. Ah, the end which is a ruse because it's really just the beginning of the editing phase.

  3. Hey M. how is that writing thing coming? I haven't seen any posts for Inkdreams lately so I am wondering.

    1. It's coming along very very slowly. I'm still at it but this story isn't flowing out of me as fast as the previous one. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. I was out of town recently and haven't gotten back into the swing of life again.

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