Secret Sauce Treasure Hunt

by Melissa Borg
November 12, 2012

My little linear mind loves to make goals, to-do lists, and the such. But when it comes to this creative game called art, my neat little organizational mind needs to go into hibernation. The lists can suck fun and creativity right out of my ear. So how can I make a satisfying meal for both sides of my brain?

I haven't found the secret sauce ingredient yet but here's what I've found thus far:

  • Set goals with creative things as my reward.

For example, I wanted to start reading the long In Death series by J.D. Robb but I know that once I start a series, I will inhale the whole thing without coming up for air. If I did this I would get through the series but have no writing done of my own to show for it. SO now once I finish a large task while working on my book I get a treat; I get to read the next book in the series. Win-win, in my book (yes, the pun was totally intended).

  • I must open the document up every time I'm at my computer.

If at the end of the day I've haven't done anything on it, I'm OK with it because I at least opened it and maybe reread a few paragraphs. Sometimes it's good enough to allow my mind to mull things around in my subconsciousness without me trying to strong-arm it to do something.

  • It's fine if I watch cartoons, comedies, and do things that bring me joy instead of writing that day.

I do this because my reason to write is to be in joy not because some mass market is dictating that what I'm writing will be perfect for this year's latest and greatest writing trends.

  • Appreciate being a noncontracted author.

Seems hinky, I know, since I am trying to get an agent/publisher to pick me up but I cherish this time because I decide what I want to write or how I write. There are no demands on my skill. Bliss is my only goal with my pen and story. I am my audience so if I don't enjoy it neither will anyone else.

I am excited to keep forging ahead chopping down the jungle as I go along. Some days will be easier than others but I above all write because words are my dear friends that can light up someone's day. When the days get bogged down I just need to channel the joy and reflect on it from time to time.

Words are my lifeboat in this sometimes crazy world,


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