Time Carve

by Melissa Borg
January 21, 2013

One of my goals this year is to write two complete manuscripts. To do this I must keep track of my goal weekly and tweak my long term goals. For example, I started a new work-in-progress that I want to have approximately 65,000 words manuscript. And I should be able to have the first draft written by the beginning of March. Round 1 of edits should take me a month to get through. So by May, I could be ready to start my next work-in-progress.

Rinse and repeat with additional editing sprinkled in between. It sounds easy on paper but hopefully with me constantly checking and keeping my goals insight I can keep on track. By checking the goals at least once I week, I can adjust my timeline to see if the original goal is feasible. If it isn't that's simple enough to handle, I update the completion date. This isn't hard but I make sure I'm making progress and not letting myself off the hook.

To the word document I go,


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