Twas the Weekend After Thanksgiving 2021

by Melissa Borg
December 1, 2021

From my household to yours, if you have troublesome fuzzy friends as we do, this poem is for you too.

Twas the weekend after Thanksgiving, with all the turkey gone,

We were all a bit tired but had just started the holiday marathon.

The stockings were in the storage wrapped up from last year,

I had hopes there were no spiders waiting for this electrical engineer,

The children were hauled away, crazed up on Thanksgiving sweets,

The air echoed their parting cries of, “More pumpkin bread to eat!”

And me and Lawrence were getting ready to wrap,

Loaded down with paper, tape, and a festive nightcap.

When out in the living room there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the floor to see what was the matter.

Away down the hall, I flew without going splat,

Only to find hypnotic twinkles, entrancing kittycats.

The tree was lit up and all was a’glowing,

Apparently, the sight – fluffy mind-blowing,

The only thing that saved the tree from its clawy fate,

Was the strategic “vacoom’s” final checkmate.

The vacuum stood sentinel and stony in place,

Though off, the fluffies knew to give it its space.

They sat at a distance and wishing to climb,

But with me and the vacuum, the victory was mine.

With true kitten disdain, they turned and meandered off,

Giving me and the tree the tail-flick brush-off.

Safe for one hour, with over a month to go,

Let’s hope the wrapped presents,

Stay off the holiday kitty manifesto.

May your winter celebrations fill you with cheer,

And you enjoy ringing in the happy new year!

🥂Happy Holidays from the writer Melissa Borg & her editing elf Lawrence.

May the best of your best, be the worst of your future! Melissa & Lawrence

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