Working for Champagne

by Melissa Borg
June 15, 2012

The joy of writing for me is not only because I love to write but the milestones along the way that I can see that I’m achieving. When I finish my first draft, my first round of editing, my scene conflict analysis, or any other justifiable reason, I celebrate. Because writing a book has so many build it spots to celebrate it is a great motivator for me. I can continually push myself to do the work because there are solid goals imbedded in this quest.

I take what I can control and I focus on that. People may disapprove of my work or thinks it’s the worst thing ever, their criticism may sting but I do my best. What they think of my work is out of my hands and there isn’t anything I can do to change their minds so why should I worry about them? Here’s a few things when I get down about the feedback I get, I ask myself:

Do you enjoy what you are making?

Do you love the story you are telling?

If the answers are both, yes, then that’s really what’s important. Follow your own internal integrity. What everyone else thinks becomes less important if you follow your inner bliss. Then when done with a piece pop a cork, pass the bubbly, know you did your best, and let it go.

Finding new reasons to celebrate,

The Muse

PS Always have a bottle on hand, just in case for when your brilliance strikes.

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