Writing in Uncertain Times

by Melissa Borg
April 14, 2020

I'm one of the lucky ones and can work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic. The whole situation is energetically weird. I am grateful my work can be done remotely but I definitely had some ideas about how I would get writing done quietly and easily while being hunkered down at home.

Delusion #1: Gain Time

When we were sent home to telecommute every day, I thought, great, I'll use my commuting time to get writing done.

Reality #1: Exhaustion

Now instead of an hour commute into the office, I roll out of bed and stumble into my living room and boot up my computer. Then after eight hours of staring at my computer and being in my office, I need a break from that area.

Delusion #2: Easy Days

My day job is insane from the end of March through May due to helping people via phone and emails and normally I am so exhausted after an 8-hour shift my brain is mush when I get home. With this shutdown, our outside contacts are minimalized.

Reality #2: Taxing Work

Now my workdays bounce from virtual meetings, instant messaging, quick touch base calls, and hours-and-hours of mind-numbing work that has always been important to do but we never had time to get when we were in the office. Well, if we don't do it now, then we'll never get it done. *sigh* This all leaves me ready to run away from my computer when my work day is over.

Like everyone else, nothing is going the way I thought it would go. While I'm normally hard on myself about being productive, I'm too tired to be mean to me.

Life currently has narrowed down to the basics. Did I eat breakfast? No, okay should I move to make lunch? Did I pull out ingredients for dinner? Did I feed the animals this morning or was that yesterday morning I'm remembering?

I'm working on being okay with being slow and taking lots of breaks with everything I do. Time to rest, reflect, and reconnect. Not always an easy request for me to do, yet it's all I have the energy to do.

Sending virtual hugs to all,


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4 comments on “Writing in Uncertain Times”

    1. Thanks, Debra. It feels hard to keep working, but I'm taking small steps to plod along and move forward.

    1. The bare basic is how I have been feeling for a while now. Maybe we should reframe it and call it a recharging time. Hugs back my friend.

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