Writing is Revision

by Melissa Borg
November 12, 2020

I just saw a memory on my Facebook timeline when almost nine years ago I went to my first writer's conference. I remember how happy I was, I had written the book, gone through some edits, written a query letter, researched agents, and I knew that I'd have that book out into the world quickly with just a bit more polishing.

Yes, I had no idea.

I have to laugh at my sweet, naive self. Little did I know my writing craft needed serious work or how many drafts I would eventually go through before I was ready to publish. I persevered diving into classes about how to write novels and how to breakdown stories to discover what worked and didn't work.

Yet for all the reams of paper and frustrating setbacks, ahem, I mean learning lessons, I really am grateful to have gone the long route. The original draft for A Single Girl's Guide to Wedding Survival was written in six and a half weeks. I had no true understanding of how novels arch and flow together or how to make sure you don't bore your reader with repetitive phrasings. Hence why the numerous rounds of review.

A stack of manuscript drafts.
A snapshot of 10 drafts that are left on my desk.

The number of drafts was ridiculous. If I can have a sixth as many drafts next round, I'd be impressed with my growth.

Well, I better get back to click-clacking on the keyboard so I can see how the new book will progress.

To the music of words springing up on the page!



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